I am a life scientist with over 30 years' experience of working in healthcare communications. My early years were spent in healthcare public relations, devising and delivering programmes to support pharmaceutical products on a global basis.

Seventeen years ago, I narrowed my focus to writing but continued to develop material for both professional and public audiences. At one end of the spectrum, I simplify the science and use creative ways to deliver health education to patients. At the other end, I work closely with specialists in their field to summarise complex clinical data for presentation at a congress or for submission to peer-reviewed publications.

The space in between is filled with a huge variety of material - videos, case studies, interactive algorithms and flow charts. As part of my growing interest in merging my professional interest in medicine and writing fiction, I have almost completed a part-time research degree looking at how the common stereotypes we see in fiction influence the perception and understanding of illness and drive stigma.


I started out in the pharmaceutical industry as a medical sales representative. I moved quickly into conferences and exhibitions, supporting leading healthcare titles such as Nursing Times, Health Service Journal and Nature, before embarking on a career in healthcare communications that has now spanned more than three decades.

Initially, I worked in healthcare public relations, delivering educational programmes in support of healthcare products on a national and global basis. Gradually, I shifted my focus to the quieter, more reflective world of medical writing. I have now been writing for medical, nursing and consumer audiences across multiple therapeutic areas for over 15 years.


  • BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry
  • MA Creative Writing


  • Chartered Institute of Public Relations
  • European Medical Writers Association